Thank you to everyone who came out for our Bridgend roadshow last night!

During the event, parent activist Lowri Turner spoke passionately against three myths spread by anti-smacking campaigners. Firstly, that smacking children causes them to be violent in later life. Secondly, that good parents wouldn’t smack their children. And thirdly, that smacking is just old fashioned.

Lowri addressed the first myth by highlighting that 85% of Welsh citizens were smacked as children (see our Com Res polling). Are anti-smacking campaigners seriously suggesting that 85% of adults in Wales are violent today?

Countering the second myth, she stressed that parents who smack their kids do it “in the context of a warm and loving home, as a measured response to serious disobedience, with our children’s best interests at heart”. Under the Government’s plans, she added, these good parents are made to “feel ashamed”. This should not be the case.

Addressing the myth that smacking is ‘just old-fashioned’, Lowri said: “It’s for parents to work out what works best for them and their child… the Welsh Assembly Government should leave caring, loving parents to raise their families in a way that works for them.”

Lowri concluded by saying that caring, loving parents “want their elected officials to listen to them and not dictate to them”. She called on parents across Wales to “speak up now!” and respond to the Government’s consultation.

Nigel Kenny of The Christian Institute summarised some of the main arguments against the Assembly’s proposals.

He pointed out that 77% of people in Wales don’t want the law to be changed, according to recent polling. And he said the government itself admits there is no evidence that mild, reasonable chastisement leads to negative outcomes.

There’s less than a week to go until the public consultation closes on Monday 2nd April. Please respond today and urge your friends and family to do likewise.

For tips on how to respond, sign our petition then email us at