Be Reasonable Roadshow: Swansea

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Roadshow event in Swansea last night, particularly to those who travelled from the Valleys, Carmarthen and Cardigan.

Our speakers outlined the Welsh Government’s dangerous smacking plans, and urged people to respond to the public consultation before it closes next month.

Dr Ashley Frawley, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences at the University of Swansea, spoke about her concern over the legislation as a parent and as an academic.

Ashley is concerned that what is basically an issue of parenting has become politicised. She accuses politicians of citing weak evidence against smacking to justify criminalising parents who choose to smack.

There is already a huge amount of intervention in family life in England and Wales, with over half of children from poorer backgrounds being the subject of investigation in 2010. These children will be at the sharp end of this new law.

The Christian Institute’s Nigel Kenny then summarised some of the campaign’s key arguments and encouraged everyone to spread the word.

Please continue to follow the campaign and urge friends to respond to the Government’s consultation.

For tips on how to respond, sign our petition then email us at

And why not come to our next Roadshow event in Bridgend on Monday 26th March?